The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to engage positively with their kids.

We know that an effective father has a profound impact on the kids, thus it is of great importance to establish Fathers and Father Figures that interact with their children as effective as possible.

We seek to make better dads for the benefit of the children.

Our Vision is to ensure every child in Australia has an effective father or father figure.

The LADDs (Loving and Devoted Dads) are a registered Fathering Project ‘champion dads’ school group in the Northern suburbs working together promoting fathering within our school and the community.

We are volunteer fathers who organise activities to encourage greater involvement by the fathering cohort within the school community. In doing so strengthen links and relationships with like minded men to the benefit and for better outcomes for our children.

As fathering doesn’t stop at the school gate by connecting and working together with nearby schools with amplify the impact in the wider community.