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Parent Walter Ramage with students Ryah Ramage, Rachel Myles, Shae Ramage and Dalton Hodson. Picture: Martin Kennealey

RACERS will take their marks for a Billy Cart Derby at the Currambine Joondalup Art and Craft Show on Saturday.

The activity is run by the Currambine Primary School’s LADDs (Loving and Devoted Dads), who are registered with the Fathering Project, which began at the school in March.

“The goal is to energise the school fathering cohort to become more actively involved in the school community,” group leader Walter Ramage said.

Mr Ramage, who has two daughters aged eight and 11, said it provided an opportunity for dads and father figures to discuss and reinforce the importance of their role.

“The impact of the program, in regards to how I view parenting, has been revealing,” he said.

“For me, regardless of your occupation or personal pursuits, your kid’s worth is a direct result of your involvement in their world.

“In your kid’s eyes, they just want to know that they are special to you.

“My experience is your actions speak louder than words and being actively involved in their school community speaks volumes.”

He said fathering was only one half of parenting.

“Working with and supporting your partner is vital,” he said.

“Providing a stable, predictable and secure environment allows your kids to feel safe and in achieving this, you give them the best possible start to life, which no dowry can compare.”

He said the tips and tools provided were logical and commonsense and included being there for children, having unconditional love, making them feel special, and having effective teamwork with their partner.

“The reality is most fathers and father figures are great dads and live up to their responsibility but we can always improve,” he said.

“The world waits for no-one and to keep the family unit functioning places a lot of demands on families.

“If we were to consider these demands to be a deck of cards, no matter how well intentioned, sometimes in the shuffling, the kids’ cards can easily get mixed in with all the others.

“For me, the program reminds me that we really should take the kids’ cards out of the pack before shuffling so they are given a high priority and aren’t forgotten.”

He said they had held a number of activities this year, including a bike ride around Lake Joondalup, two billy cart workshops, archery, kite-making, a Mother’s Day competition, working bee and a movie night at school, topping it off with the October 31 derby.

Email fatheringcps@, visit or contact the school.

The Billy Cart Derby will run from 12.30pm to 3pm at 28 Ambassador Drive.